Alena Schulz

Painter, illustrator and artist.

Alena Schulz has developed a unique technique of “sewn paintings”. She applies a special mixture of gypsum and glue onto a sewn composition foundation. The resulting intensely impasto structures are enhanced by adding transparent, pastel coloured tones. This creates images with immense depth, very expressive but also delicate and harmonious. Her works are distinctive and at the same time integrate well with any interior style.

Obrazy »Tchoř« a »Tři přání« od Aleny Schulzové dobře demonstrují hru výrazných strukur a jemných pastelových barev.


You will find here a rich offer of stitched paintings by Alena Schulzová. Dozens of canvases showing the cross section of the artist’s work. If you like one of the paintings, you can order it directly from the gallery.


The monotype is another popular technique Alena Schulz likes to work with. It is a form of printing, so the result is an original graphic. Printing ink is applied to a glass plate and a piece of paper is placed on it while the ink is still wet and then pressure is applied by drawing, squeezing, etc. In this way, the paint is transferred from the base (the so-called matrix) onto the paper. Thus a mirror-reversed impression of the artwork with an obvious structure of the matrix used is formed.

Monotypy »Milostné dopisy« a »Dr. Saurier« od Aleny Schulzové dobře demonstrují bravurní zvládnutí techniky monotypie.

Check out the Monotype Gallery

You will find a set of Alena Schulz monotypes. These artists’ graphic sheets were created by printing from the glass tables. If you like one of the graphics, you can order it directly from the gallery.


Alena Schulz prefers to create illustrations with ink, aniline water colours and crayons.
The illustrations by Alena Schulz, full of strange characters, animals and hobgoblins, can be found in numerous publications by renowned publishers such as ALBATROS, AXIÓMA, TRITON or OLYMPIA.

Obrazy »Tchoř« a »Tři přání« od Aleny Schulzové dobře demonstrují hru výrazných strukur a jemných pastelových barev.

See the Illustration Gallery

Here you will find a selection of illustrations by Alena Schulcová. The drawings are clearly arranged according to the project and the publishing house. Take a picture of the variety and the consistent style of these drawings. If you like the illustrations, you can contact the artists directly from the gallery.

Alena Šulcová or Alena Schulz?

Alena Schulz was born in Prague into an artistic family. Her father was the Academy sculptor and painter Miloslav Hájek. After graduating from the College of Art and Design in Prague, she worked on illustrating the children’s magazines Mateřídouška and Ohníček.

When she emigrated to Vienna she began to exhibit her paintings, illustrate textbooks and children books.
She is now living in the small village of Maříž near the picturesque town of Slavonice on the Czech-Austrian border. Here she creates her paintings, works of applied art for interiors, monotypes and book illustrations. Apart from that she looks after her beautiful large garden and former farmhouse.
One last thing at the end – if you look for her on the internet under the name Alena Šulcová or Alena Schulzová you might have difficulties – but you will find her under the name of Alena Schulz.
More information about Alena Schulz and her exhibitions can be found HERE.

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